Baby hair: how and how often to wash your hair

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Baby hair: how and how often to wash your hair

Baby hair: how and how often to wash your hair

Being born with a lot or little hair is a matter determined by the genetic inheritance of each baby. However, baby hair deserves special attention at bath time, treating it with care and using the right products are essential to keep your hair healthy.

When can you start washing baby hair?

From birth you can start washing the baby’s hair, always very carefully when holding the head and avoiding any product getting into the eyes. However, it is not necessary to do it in the first hours after delivery; there is no rush, the first bath can wait .

How often to wash baby hair?

There is no strict rule on how often baby’s hair should be washed, because, guided by logic, it should be washed when it is dirty.

As with the body bath, hair washing will depend on the child’s age, their ability to get dirty and the characteristics of the hair. It is advisable to wash oily hair more frequently and less if it is dry hair.

In general, the hair of newborns can be cleaned daily, but it is not necessary, so you can wash the hair as often as the baby is bathed . When he is bathed, his hair is also washed. Check out more at our site Prince Blog.

How to wash baby hair?

Place a small amount of shampoo in your hand. It is better in your hand than directly on the baby’s head to avoid accidentally getting a drop on the face or eyes. Then you have to rub gently with the fingertips all over the head, not forgetting behind the ears and on the nape of the neck. To remove the shampoo, rinse very well with water.

The shampoo should not be irritating. You need to choose a shampoo that is suitable for the child’s age and that has a neutral pH . Children’s products are formulated not to attack the hair, not to irritate the eyes and are usually hypoallergenic.

You should also try to choose products with a mild perfume . Very strong odors can irritate and cause allergies in very young children.

After six months of age, a children’s conditioner can be used ; in case you have very curly hair and it gets tangled easily.

Conditioners formulated for children’s use help detangle, moisturize and protect hair. After the bath, dry the baby’s hair very well with a soft towel. Then a dryer can be used (with low temperature). Excess moisture can cause mycosis on the scalp, especially if the hair is left without drying directly.

At the time of combing, you should opt for brushes with very soft bristles or combs with wide teeth and round tips.

cradle cap

Many newborn babies have so-called cradle cap on their heads , some dandruff that spreads over the baby’s scalp. It is caused by a hormone that the mother passes to the child during pregnancy.

What is expected is that the scab falls off on its own and disappears after the third month of life. It is not indicated to try to pull them out by force, as there is a risk of mistreating the baby’s delicate scalp. What can be done is to facilitate the natural desquamation by placing oil a few minutes before the bath, to soften them and remove them gently.

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