How to fulfill a visa application for Poland?

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How to fulfill a visa application for Poland?

How to fulfill a visa application for Poland?

If you have reached the stage of preparing documents for obtaining a visa for Poland, you will be faced with the need to fill in the visa application form. Whether you are applying for or on the basis of a Polish ticket, whether you want to obtain a Polish Schengen for tourism, you will not be able to bypass the questionnaire completion phase. What must not be forgotten? Errors in the visa application form can lead to rejection, so be extremely careful when filling it out. Know more about Berane.

How to fill out a visa application for Poland – a detailed guide

With regard to obtaining a visa for any of the countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement, the visa application form for Poland should be completed electronically on the official website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To do this, follow the link – The following is an example of filling out a questionnaire for a person who, at the invitation of the employer, plans to travel to Poland to work for a construction company (multiple visa 180/360, category D – national).

When filling out the questionnaire, don’t forget about time. The system gives 30 minutes to complete one questionnaire. If you do not complete this path, the whole process will have to start from the beginning.

Phase 1 . We select the country (in our case – Ukraine) and in the next window – select the consulate we need (Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Lutsk, Lviv, Odessa or Kharkov). We remind you that you can submit documents only at the Consulate at the place of registration or official employment.

On the next page, select the visa category (national or Schengen), enter the “captcha” verification code in the image and click the ” Improve ” button .

Let’s stop for a moment at this stage and figure out which visa category to choose and which link to follow:

  • if you are applying for a national visa for the purpose of going to work, follow the first link ” National visa – register form “.
  • for tourists – link number 3 “Schengen visa – register form»
  • for owners and those who submit documents at the invitation of relatives, it is not necessary to go through the standard procedure. In that case, follow the second link “Fill out the national visa form”, fill it out and print and submit the documents on any day that suits you. (This does not apply to Vinnytsia County applicants – they follow the standard procedure.)

Phase 2. Date selection. You have two options for the development of events. The first option is unfavorable if the following message appears in the window:

If there are free deadlines for registration, we choose the appropriate day to visit the consulate.

Phase 3. We move on to directly filling out the questionnaire .

First screen – personal data (fill in the same way as stated in your passport):

  • Surname (in Latin letters)
  • Generic (maiden) surname – if the surname has not changed, a duplicate from the first column
  • Date of birth in year-month-day format
  • Place of birth (place name)
  • Country of birth (select from drop-down list)
  • Select the country of which you are a citizen from the drop-down list
  • From the drop-down list, select the country of which you were a citizen at birth
  • indicate gender
  • celebrate marital status
  • PIB (single identification number) – 10 characters

Screen number 2. Travel document information

  • If you are traveling with a standard passport, check the first item “ordinary item”
  • Passport series and number
  • date of issue in format (year-month-day)
  • Passport expiration date (year-month-day)
  • Passport authority (in digital format)

Screen 3: Home address

  • field number 10 is filled in exclusively for minors. In our case, check the box “Not applicable”
  • We enter the Cyrillic address of your residence (application), e-mail and contact phone (field no. 17)
  • field no. 18 – If your country of residence differs from your country of nationality, fill in this section, otherwise mark “NO”

Step 4. Employer information

  • in field number 19, select from the drop-down list information on your specialization (profession) at the time of completing the questionnaire
  • field number 20. Data and contact details of the future employer in Poland (for those traveling to work) or educational institutions (for those traveling to study). Schengen visa applicants or Polish card holders do not comply with this section.

Phase 5. Travel information.

In field number 21, indicate the purpose of the trip. For candidates traveling to work in Poland, check the box “Other” and enter the word “PRACA” ​​in the field. For Pole Card holders, enter in the “POLE CARD” field.

  • Field no. 22. The country of destination is Poland, and the country of first entry is also Poland.
  • field 24 – how many times do you plan to cross the border (note – several times), for tourist travel – once;
  • field 25 – period of stay in Poland. Departure for work by invitation – 180 days, for Polish card holders – 360 days, for tourists – depending on the duration of the trip
  • field 29-30 – planned dates of arrival and departure from Poland;
  • box 26 – whether you have previously received a Schengen visa (if yes – indicate the period of validity, if not – tick “NO”);
  • Box 27 – Have you ever taken fingerprints for biometrics when opening a Schengen visa?

Box 31-32 – Information on the receiving party:

  • for those traveling to work – information about the employer and his contact numbers (with country code – 48)
  • for tourists and Poljak card holders (information about the hotel where you plan to stay – you can enter the contacts of any hotel on the service)

Field no. 33 – Who bears travel expenses and insurance data

The fields often indicate that the applicant bears the costs and the items “Cash” and “credit cards” are marked. If you come by invitation, you can provide host information.

According to insurance – it must be issued for the entire trip. However, there is a nuance here:

  • If you go to work on call and have a six-month visa, insurance must be issued for 180 days with a 360-day corridor;
  • if you have a work permit () – insurance can be issued for 10 days with a corridor of 30 days. After all, it is understood that subsequent insurance is the concern of the employer.

Item number 34 is marked with a check mark in the field “NOT CONCERNED”. You should also check the following 3 fields, where you confirm that you have been warned:

  • the consular fee is not refundable even in case of refusal;
  • on insurance;
  • on the reliability of the above data.

After clicking the “SAVE” button, he will be assigned a unique number, an individual bar code and the date / time of receipt at the Polish consulate. Print a questionnaire – it should contain 3 pages – the third page will contain a bar code (bar code). Don’t forget this page – without it, documents will not be accepted for work.

All that remains now is to paste the photo on the first page of the questionnaire and come to the consulate to hand over the documents. If you have questions, ask them in the comments.

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