How to wash your baby’s hair so shampoo doesn’t get in his eyes

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How to wash your baby’s hair so shampoo doesn’t get in his eyes

How to wash your baby’s hair so shampoo doesn’t get in his eyes

There are babies who take bath time really badly , especially when it comes to washing their hair because they hate getting their faces wet and much more so that shampoo can get into their eyes.

It can become quite an ordeal, and it spoils bath time, which should be so relaxing for them. But there are children who, at some point in their childhood, refuse to wash it. They cry, they resist, and doing it against their will is not the solution. So, how can we wash the baby’s hair so that no shampoo gets into the eyes?

Some tips for washing your baby’s hair

The best trick, which is not a trick, but rather the simplest of logics, is to put ourselves in their shoes: imagine that you are tiny and that this scares and overwhelms you. When you feel what they feel all the nerves disappear and we feel able to empathize; then simply treat them as we would like to be treated. Check out more at our Prince Blog.

How to wash baby’s hair

First of all, you have to choose a suitable neutral shampoo for babies . There are also specific ones to treat cradle cap .

It is important that when putting the shampoo on them we place it first in our hand and not directly on the baby’s head, to prevent it from falling on the face.

Then you have to rub gently with the fingertips all over the head, not forgetting behind the ears and on the nape of the neck. To remove the shampoo, rinse very well with water.

The rinsed moment is the most controversial, so here are some useful tricks to protect the eyes from water and shampoo.

What tricks can we use:

  • Position is important. To rinse the shampoo, we have to tilt the baby’s head back holding him with one hand from behind and rinse with the other.
  • Use a cup or jug ​​to rinse their hair instead of doing it directly with the shower. That way it doesn’t splash or make noise.
  • Get a bathroom visor . They are like tennis shoes but made of rubber, so water cannot get into their eyes. It is one of those items that may be useless a priori, but it will solve your life if washing your hair is a battle.
  • Anticipate what you are going to do , that you are going to be very careful, put your hand on his forehead without ever losing your temper. And explain to her that she can continue playing for a while longer.
  • If he is little and does not have much hair, it is enough to pass a damp sponge over his head with great care while he is distracted by the bath toys .
  • You can do it as a game, telling him that you are going to play hairdresser. Always very carefully and stopping when it bothers them.
  • You can also give him a mitten with a little animal so that your baby can cover his eyes.
  • Sharing the bathroom so that they feel more accompanied. And at that moment, if you breastfeed, tell them to suckle while, that calms them down a lot.
  • Play on the beach, in the pool and in the bathtub while they wash your hair. They will love it.

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