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Mobile brands that you may not have known there are very good

Mobile brands that you may not have known there are very good

There are very good Spanish mobile brands . If you still don’t know what they are, you can’t miss these 8 brands that we have analyzed.

And it is that although we have already reviewed the Japanese mobile brands such as Sony, Toshiba… [STOP SPOILERS] now it is the turn of knowing the Spanish mobile brands that have marked a before and after in the national telephony market mobile. Some of these brands are still selling today (as opposed to so many less fortunate ones) so who knows? Will your next new mobile be Made in Spain? Know more about screen repairs near me in New York City.

Spanish mobile brands

  • bq
  • Energy System
  • Suntech
  • Mywigo
  • primux
  • Weimei
  • Wolder
  • Vexia


The most famous among Spanish mobile brands , although they are seen less and less, they are still one more option to take into account if we want to get a smartphone with a more than acceptable value for money. BQ has both mid-range models, with enough features for daily use (hanging out on social networks or watching series on Netflix) and basic models (making calls and sending WhatsApp). BQ has been able to satisfy more and more the needs of the average Spaniard. Learn more about broken screen repair near me in United States.

Although all this may sound very good, the reality is that BQ has not released new models for several years, so most of its phones are from 2018 or earlier. But this has a very good thing! And it is that all BQ mobiles are extremely cheap and that is not why they are bad, since as we mentioned, not long ago they had a large part of the market share of Spanish mobiles.

If you ask us to recommend a BQ mobile, without a doubt we will choose the BQ Aquaris X (5.2″ screen, 2.2 GHz Octa Core processor, 32 GB of Internal Memory, 3 GB of RAM and 16 MP camera) that you can find for approximately €90 . And if you want to see even cheaper BQ mobiles , you can always look for them at Cash Converters.

Energy System

Not so many years ago and still today Energy System is a brand that does everything as long as it has to do with music: from MP3 devices, to speakers, headphones, etc… And today, hardly anyone would doubt the Good value for money for their products, but… What would you think if we told you that they used to also make mobile phones?

Under the Energy Phone product line , the old Spanish mobile brand focused on competing with BQ, with mid-range phones that promised remarkable features for a very reasonable price and were also compatible with the new 4G (yes, this was a long time ago). Of course, it should be noted that his career was not too long , since one of his latest models, the Energy Phone 3, was a sales disaster.


It probably doesn’t sound familiar to you, but Sunstech is probably one of the few Spanish mobile brands on this list that is still active today. Now, do not expect to find smartphones of this brand, since its audience is the elderly.

Simple, cheap, resistant telephones, with a long battery life and, above all, and most importantly, large keys so that our elders can call without a problem. This is Sunstech, one of the Spanish mobile brands that you may not have known unless you had to find a phone for your grandfather.


Features and humble prices, MyWigo, like many of the other Spanish mobile brands on this list, opted in their day to satisfy an audience that was not yet used to spending more on a mobile phone than a laptop. But that was several years ago and, like many of these brands, what was once a Spanish mobile company dedicated to the sale of low-mid-range models ended up in oblivion, leaving a series of models (MyWigo Uno Pro , City 3, Magnum 2 or Halley) that nobody remembers anymore and that are very difficult to find.

In fact, if today you find yourself with one of these mobiles, we advise against buying the MyWigo UNO Pro since, in its day, it had many problems because the features it advertised (camera megapixels, internal memory, etc…) did not coincided with the real characteristics of the apparatus.


This may seem like a graveyard, but Primux is another of the Spanish mobile brands that joined the wave of national mobile design and manufacturing that ended up disappearing in 2017 against a market dominated by Chinese brands. As a curious fact, we can say that although they not only manufactured mobiles, it was a company founded in Galicia and that under its motto “Be human, live simple” they knew how to bring to the public a good selection of simple mobiles, but sufficient for that time.


Born in 2015 by two young Spanish entrepreneurs who managed to inject a little more than half a million euros into a start-up, Weimei failed to meet the expectations and promises that everyone expected. Maybe if there between 2015 and 2018 you were looking for a good, nice and cheap mobile, you will find some WeiMei models such as the WeiMei Force X or the WePlus, but like so many Spanish mobile brands that ended up going bankrupt, find these models today may be more of an archeology task than anything else.


If in 2015 Wolder was a power when it came to tablets , it was one of the first Spanish mobile brands to sink at the beginning of the crisis in the sector. In charge of manufacturing Jazztel tablets and even those of Masterchef in its beginnings, its journey through the mobile telephony sector was fast and ended in tragedy. Of their models we can remember the Wolder Wiam #71, #46 or #23 that, although they may still be on the shelves of some technology wholesaler, should take their place in some museums.


Attractive designs and a high capacity for innovation, Vexia aspired to become the Spanish Apple through the design of its own developments that would separate it from its competitors. But this is another of the Spanish mobile brands that bit the dust to disappear, leaving us only mobiles like the Vexia Zippers 5 Plus, which although you can find it on the Internet to buy it, reminds us of what could be considered as a style . groundbreaking within smartphones no more than 5 years ago.

And it is that, we could still continue naming more Spanish mobile brands such as Geeksphone, Bluesense, i-Joy, Unusual or Szenio. But in all of them the story would be the same: brands that were born to find a market full of competitors and end up disappearing without leaving almost a trace (except this article).

The conclusion of all this? That today the best Spanish mobile brand is BQ, but not for long, since the passage of time means that the price of its devices does not compensate for its technical characteristics.

So now you know, hurry up and stop by the Cash Converters online store to find one of those BQ bargains that we still have for sale.

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