Subaru Solterra, the electric SUV with AWD system

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Subaru Solterra, the electric SUV with AWD system

Subaru Solterra, the electric SUV with AWD system

Subaru’s first electric car developed jointly with Toyota is here: the new Subaru Solterra with a range that will exceed 400 km.

The Solterra is an electric SUV belonging to the C-SUV segment that has been created on the global modular platform of the Toyota group (e-Subaru). It will be marketed in Europe in mid-2022. Know more about Peugeot ne shitje.

This new platform has the ability to combine the production of various components and modules, such as the rear, center and front of each model, and thus transfer them to different types of electric vehicles in a very efficient way.

Indeed, it is a new fully electric model (BEV) that is the result of the commercial, industrial and technological alliance of the Japanese brands Subaru and Toyota in 2019 .

Its suggestive name seeks a special tribute to nature , joining the Latin words “Sun” and “Terra” to combine the denomination “Sun and Earth”, thus trying to promote the coexistence of the car with mother nature and while offering the traditional capacity of being able to get anywhere with Subaru SUVs, although now in a car that is totally clean for the planet.

The development of the new Subaru Solterra has been carried out jointly with that of the Toyota bZ4X , intending in both brands to overcome the fears that electric propulsion technology still arouses, providing comfortable, very practical and reliable vehicles, also generating significant stability and efficient steering. and very nice.

This “twin” of Toyota confirms the main dimensions of the joint project , with measures that are practically the same as its most direct competitors.

SUBARU SINGLE Length m Anchura m Height m Batalla m trunk liters
  4,590 1,890 1,650 2,850 450

The new platform used for the construction of the Solterra has allowed the high-capacity battery cells to be located along the floor of the car, thus generating an optimal weight distribution with a low center of gravity, which gives the whole a structure of very high resistance and remarkable rigidity.

This structure also makes it possible to generate interesting passive safety , since by achieving a net reduction in weight, greater protection is achieved in the event of a collision, by very efficiently absorbing the energy of the impact, so that the protection of the occupants and the electrical equipment high voltage are very high level.

An eye-catching design

The aesthetic keys of the Solterra on the outside are its large wheel arches, its rear lights extended over the bumper and its striking sharp nose.

It is true that it bears a certain resemblance to the Toyota bZ4X in some exterior elements, although it has its own personality with a totally different front end, which features new multi-LED headlights with a very special and differentiated light signature, a large closed grill hexagonal and an important bumper that integrates its fog lights and is adorned with a very attractive metallic lower trim.

In the rear if the structure of the Toyota is maintained, joining the pilots with an interesting horizontal strip, although it is true that these optics are completely differentiated .

Inside, a very special job has been carried out, leading it with a generous central screen that occupies the entire width of the center console, incorporating all the infotainment systems as well as innumerable touch buttons and an interesting 7” instrument panel. which is located on the multifunction steering wheel at the bottom of the dashboard, thus generating a total novelty in Subaru.

Its personality has been reflected with a circular gear selector and various control buttons such as X-Mode traction and driving modes , also including a second floor in the frame to place the mobile phone with two charging sockets for it. .

New in-line AWD system

The historical perception of the Subaru brand as a specialist in high-tech off-road models has also been one of the challenges facing the conception of the Solterra, and this has been achieved by using a new fully electric drive technology.

For this, the Subaru Solterra has two electric motors , one for each axis , thus achieving independent drive per axis and exceeding 200 CV of joint power.

In addition, the same 71.4 kW capacity Toyota bZ4X battery has been incorporated, which will allow the car a range that will easily exceed 400 km .

This prestigious and fine-tuned AWD is capable of controlling the 4-wheel drive independently with great precision , also calibrating its operation to obtain a flexible and agile response from both engines and performing an optimized distribution of the driving force between both axles.

Like other SUV -type models of the brand , the Subaru Solterra has the “X-MODE AWD” control system that ostentatiously improves safety on bad roads, adding the new “Grip Control” function that improves the ability to traction by allowing the car to run at a constant speed while continuously stabilizing it based on the pavement it is driving on.

The Solterra is born with a clear international vocation, with a combined launch in Europe planned for mid-2022 , in parallel with Japan, the US, Canada, and China.

Consequently, we are facing a global SUV that will communicate its contents and details, as well as its prices at the right time and jointly for a launch that promises to be of great global impact.

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