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Which reveals the position of the hands on the steering wheel

Which reveals the position of the hands on the steering wheel

Tell us how you hold the wheel, we will tell you what type of person you are!

It may not have occurred to you so far, but even the way you hold the steering wheel while driving the car reveals a lot about your personality. Read the following lines and say if you agree with the descriptions.

Cool guy

Drive with one hand on the steering wheel, relaxed and without trepidation. That’s how you go through life. You believe there is no reason to be nervous, in a hurry and stressed. Because of that, you sometimes seem frivolous to people, but they often invite you to the company when a party and merriment is organized because they know that this is the ambience for you. Interesting topic to know more about polovni automobili.


Even today, you drive with your hands in the position you were taught in driving school. Your left hand is at 10, and your right at 2, when we look at the hands of the clock. You are completely persistent and correct, and you have achieved great success in life so far thanks to the perfectionist trait, which many envy you.


Your hand is usually on the underside of the steering wheel, usually operated with one hand. You love and appreciate simplicity, especially among the people around you. Some may think that you are boring, but in fact you just choose your environment carefully because you do not want to be surrounded by false friends.


The position of the arms, usually only one, is on the inside of the steering wheel, next to the siren. Because of you, the saying carpe diem was invented. You live for adventures and excitement, and this is especially true of your love life, where you easily embark on new and exciting stories.

The boss

You are born to be the boss – whether you are buying a car or you are a bank manager, and you hold the steering wheel firmly on both sides with both hands, just like everything else in life. You are dominant both at work and in private life. There is no problem for which you have no solution and you are a true leader. However, this is why it is sometimes harder for you to find a suitable partner who can accompany you.

A fan

Both hands are on the underside of the steering wheel, tightly pressed and with the palms facing down. You are a chatterbox and a friend who always cheers for others to win. People love you because you are a good and attentive listener and a loyal friend. However, you can be passive for yourself and your life from time to time.


Both hands are placed in the middle on the inside of the steering wheel. You love peace and harmony both at home and at work. You are one of those people who have never raised their voice and you are looking to find a peaceful solution in every situation.


Your hands are not on the steering wheel, you are trying to steer the vehicle with your knees. You are cheerful, sharp-tongued and always in the mood for humor and jokes. That is why you are a favorite and welcome guest in every company.

Nervous guy

Both hands are “locked” on the top of the steering wheel, it seems as if you are squeezing it. You belong to the anxious types, you like everything to be fine, everything in its place. You are one of those who check three times to see if they have locked the door properly. Fortunately, you have a great understanding of family and friends who help you relax.


You are ambitious and you don’t have much patience on your way to solving other people’s dilemmas and problems. You just step on the problem and move on, which can take you a long way in business.

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