Why do without a video agency for your social networks?

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Why do without a video agency for your social networks?

Why do without a video agency for your social networks?

You’ve read it in all the PlayPlay articles: you have to create videos to liven up your social networks! Dynamic, engaging, human, video has it all.

But now, you are not a video editor .

Software, like the Adobe suite, is for experts and requires technical skills that you don’t have time to develop.

One of the solutions available to you: outsource your editing to a social media agency . Only your colleague Marie warns you: working with an external service provider is not always easy…

So is going through a video agency really the right option?

We give you in this article our point of view… objective! And we offer you a third alternative solution: the online video creation tool.

Creating videos for social networks, a demanding discipline

To generate maximum engagement, the video on social networks must respect certain codes:

  • Be in touch with the news. This is the principle of newsjacking , or bouncing off a news event. This requires having to produce your video very quickly, to post it before the soufflé falls. Check out the interesting topic tender oglasi.
  • Be short . Keep in mind that your targets’ attention span is low. If your video is longer than a minute, your audience may not watch the entire video. Good news on the production side: it means that you don’t need a film crew worthy of a Hollywood movie.
  • Have the right format : square, horizontal or vertical. The format varies by social media, and whether you post your video in your news feed or as a sponsored post. To learn more about video formats for social media, check out this article. When it comes to production, you’ll need the flexibility to change the format of your video.
  • Include subtitles , because 85% of videos are watched without sound on social networks. Subtitles also increase the accessibility of your videos to the 10 million people with hearing impairments in France and allow better referencing of your videos, on YouTube in particular. It is therefore necessary that you can easily add subtitles to your videos while creating them.
  • Post regularly . The regularity of your publications is one of the keys to success on social networks. Creating appointments with your audience through recurring publications helps to generate more engagement. When it comes to video, having pre-designed templates to fill out as needed helps you save time on creation and focus on your message.

💡 To create a social video in the rules of the art, discover the step by step to create engaging videos for social networks.

The video agency for your social networks, an expensive, time-consuming and inflexible option

By using a video agency, your project is entrusted to specialists who have professional equipment: cameras, microphones, lighting, etc. Their expertise promises you high quality editing and final rendering of your video.

The agency is therefore suitable for long video formats, intended to be long-lasting: corporate documentaries, television commercials, etc.

Nevertheless, the call to an agency does not lend itself to all situations.


Production costs can escalate quickly. Count around €1,000 for one minute of motion design video. If you make 3 videos per week, you therefore reach a budget of €12,000 per month.


The agency is generally not 100% dedicated to your project. Also since the directors divide their working time between clients, you can count on several days of production, between the delivery of the brief and the reception of the final video.


If you are in a logic of newsjacking , as we mentioned above, this requires great reactivity on the part of the agency. You may have to create content overnight and your provider probably won’t have the bandwidth.

The lack of flexibility can also be felt during the feedback stages .

Whether you change the brief along the way or the first proposal did not suit you, expect round trips – charged – with the agency before final validation of the video.

But if I eliminate the Adobe suite and the social media video agency, what solution do I have left?

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