Xiaomi Mi Band 6 vs Huawei Band 5: comparison and analysis

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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 vs Huawei Band 5: comparison and analysis

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 vs Huawei Band 5: comparison and analysis

If you still can’t decide between the Xiaomi mi band 6 vs Huawei band 5, we’ll help you with this complete comparison! We analyze the design, features, battery and functionalities of each one so that you can choose which of the two to buy. Know more about travel cot.

Because both the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and the Huawei Band 5 are very good smart bracelets, ideal for monitoring our daily activity on a day-to-day basis and taking advantage of their synchronization with our phones. It must be said that the price of both models are unbeatable , but it is the quality-price ratio of each of them that will make us decide.

Technical comparison

Below we are going to detail all the features and technological specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 vs Huawei Band 5 so that you can analyze in detail which model to stay with. Although if what you want is to know our opinion and go into a more detailed analysis of both models, continue reading after the comparative table. You might be interested in a heating blanket.

Xiaomi MiBand 6 Huawei HonorBand 5
Price €40 €30
Size 47.4 x 18.6 x 12.7mm 43 x 17.2 x 11.5mm
Volume 11.2 cm³ 8.51 cm³
Weight 13 grams 22.7 grams
Touch screen 1.56” 0.95”
Resolution 152x486px 120x240px
Screen Type Oled/Amoled Oled/Amoled
pixel density 326ppi 282ppi
Always On display Nope Nope
Drums 125mAh (14 days) 100mAh (14 days)
wireless charging Nope Nope
Sweat and water resistant Yes Yes
Submersible Yes (50m) Yes (50m)
replaceable straps Yes Yes
heart monitor Yes Yes
gps Nope Nope
Compatible with Android / iOS Yes Yes
Wireless Synchronization Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes (5.0) Yes (4.2)
microphone for calls Nope Nope
built-in speakers Yes Yes
voice commands Nope Nope
NFC Nope Nope
LTE Nope Nope
apps S8 (My Fit) Yes (Huawei Health)
External SD Memory Nope Nope
3.5mm headphone jack Nope Nope


Now that you know the characteristics of each of the models, it is time to see what features differentiate the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 vs. Huawei Band 5. And this is where the real key to the versatility of these smart bracelets lies. Read carefully the functionalities of each one below and discover which one has exactly what you are looking for on a day-to-day basis. Learn more about blanket with arms.

Xiaomi MiBand 6 Huawei HonorBand 5
blood oxygen measurement Yes Yes
BMI record Yes Yes
accelerometer Yes Yes
Gyroscope Yes Yes
Perspiration measurement Nope Nope
cadence sensor Nope Nope
Compass Nope Nope
sleep measurement Yes Yes
Automatic activity detection Yes Nope
Height and elevation measurement Yes Nope
Travel distance measurement Yes Yes
step measurement Yes Yes
Physical Activity Reports Yes Yes
exercise diary Yes Yes
exercise tracking Yes Yes
Calories counter Yes Yes
Goal setting and tracking Yes Yes
Smart alarm Yes Yes
mobile notifications Yes Yes
Chronometer Yes Yes
Inactivity alerts Yes Yes
phone location Yes Yes
call monitoring Yes Yes
Ad free Yes Yes
cloud synchronization Yes Yes
remote control camera Yes Nope
Menstruation notifications Yes Yes

The best of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Now that you know all the features that make the difference between the Xiaomi Mi band 6 vs Huawei Band 5, it is time to talk about the latter to highlight its virtues compared to its competitor.

  • The display is much better than the Honor Band 5 being 64% larger and having a 156% higher resolution with 15.6% more pixels.
  • It is much lighter than the Huawei Band 5, specifically 9.7 grams lighter.
  • It has enhanced sports features such as automatic activity detection, altitude detection, and support for diving exercises.
  • It has a system for tracking and saving sports routes to do or repeat them at another time.
  • Your version of Bluetooth is newer and better.
  • It has a battery with a 25% more charge, although in practice the time of use is the same.

The best of the Huawei Honor Band 5

Now it is the turn of the Huawei Honor Band 5 and that is, this smart bracelet also has its good things and to take into account compared to the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. That is why it has been one of the best-selling smart bracelets among the top of the last years.

  • It is 24% smaller than the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, being 1.4mm narrower, 1.2mm thinner and 4.4mm shorter.
  • It allows you to set sports routes and synchronize them with the smartphone application.
  • It is cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi Band 6.
  • It is available in a total of 52 languages ​​compared to the 39 of the Mi Band 6.
  • It has measurement in different smart scales.

In short: which one to choose, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 or Huawei Band 5?

We have already given both bracelets a good review and it is time to decide which bracelet is better? We have it clear . Unless smart bracelets bother you too much and you want something very small and basic to receive notifications and do a little exercise (in this case the Huawei Band 5 would be perfect for you) our verdict makes its competitor the winner.

The small difference in price and the extra not only in its functions but also in its design, size and quality of the screen make the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 the clear winner of this confrontation. And it is that, even without comparing it, its price and its features make it one of the best value for money smart bracelets today. An opportunity that you cannot miss if you have not yet decided to buy a smartwatch, but you want a little more connectivity and monitoring of your daily lifestyle. Find these and many other second-hand smart bands with a 2-year guarantee at Cash Converters.

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